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  • Jane Dexter

New 3” A6 Video Brochure... may be small but it packs a powerful punch!

For your next V.I.P Invitation or Marketing Campaign Launch look no further than our impressive video brochure.

We would love to show you some great examples which have exclusive new products including:

1. Touch Screen

2. Round Screen (new for 2020)

3. WiFi updateable

4. Video linked turn page books (great for multi-message delivery)

As the UK’s leading supplier of high quality video brochures we have worked with companies of all sizes including Honda, Siemens and B&Q to name a few.

The applications can extend beyond sales and marketing to include:

1. Training Material & Handbooks

2. International/Multi-Language Information Updates

3. Product User Manuals

4. Redeemable Gift Cards

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