• Jane Dexter

How To Make A Difference With Your Marketing

Are you having an event, exhibiting or want to showcase your product?

Good news for you our unique Cushion Video Brochures is the best marketing tool out there.

Your Cushion Video Brochure design can be as awe inspiring or as simple as you wish.

You may have loads of fresh ideas or you are struggling to come up with a design. Either way you can supply us with print ready artwork or we can supply you with some pretty unique designs.

Now for some ‘Hows’ and ‘Whys’...

The appeal of video content is growing. Combined HD screen with print in a video book is a winning combination:-

1. Innovative marketing tool

2. Customers prefer to watch videos rather than read

3. Showcase your brand and services

4. Have amazing impact with clients

5. Can help increase online traffic

6. Help generates new sales leads

More about Cushion Video Brochures:-

1. Combination of HD screens and print

2. Screen sizes - 2.8 inch, 4 inch, 5 inch, 7 inch and 10 inch available

3. Standard sizes - A4, A5, A6

4. Bespoke sizes available

5. Presentation box to sit your video brochure in

6. Magazine cover options

7. Point-Of-Sale

8. Rechargeable

9. Reusable

If you are giving away your Video Brochures as gifts then teaming them up with personalised pens, usb sticks and mugs is a cool idea aswell.

Our friendly customer service is always available to help with your video books and much more... We will take the hassle out of designing and printing and make your life as stress free as possible.

We would love to show you some great examples which have exclusive new products including:

1. Touch Screen

2. Round Screen (new for 2020)

3. WiFi updateable

4. Video linked turn page books (great for multi-message delivery)

As the UK’s leading supplier of high quality video brochures we have worked with companies of all sizes including Honda, Siemens and B&Q to name a few.

The applications can extend beyond sales and marketing to include:

1. Training Material & Handbooks

2. International/Multi-Language Information Updates

3. Product User Manuals

4. Redeemable Gift Cards

To find out more or ring us on 0115 961 6060 or email sales@cushionprint.co.uk


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